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ROW001 Water Inflatable Bubble Balls


Products Information

1.Material: TPR
2. Max size: 110mm(After put in the air or water )
3.color:Blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, ect (any color are available with PMS provided)
4.The package :one opp bag packaging+one air blowing tube
5.The weight is 400G. 
6.Suggestion:it's hot in summer. In order to protect the use of the ball, it's not recommended that the gas of the ball be filled too full
7.The advantage of this ball: This product has a rope at the top, which can be put on the finger to shake up and down, slap, and there is a small hole at the bottom, which is used to tie the plastic pipe. 
The Bobo ball sold in the past is pumped by a pump. It's slow and the gas will be run in a very short time. This one is made of thick soft rubber. It keeps the gas for a longer time. It's more popular.

8.Both can be filled with gas and water,with a lot of fun.

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