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ROF004 Universal flexible shaft of electric drill


Products Information

Batch head flexible shaft

Specifications: the length is about 295mm

Two section size of flexible shaft:

The size of connecting the hexagonal shank of electric drill is 6.35mm (1 / 4)

The size of the inner hexagon of the connecting batch head is 6.35mm (1 / 4)

Weight: 70gSize: 295mm

Application: this type of flexible shaft can be used for ordinary collet type electric hand drill, and can also be used for electric screwdriver (clamp 1 / 4). The head of the flexible shaft can be equipped with a hexagonal handle (1 / 4 handle) bit, which is mainly suitable for working in the environment where the screw driver can not work in the narrow space, such as computer chassis, electric cabinet, furniture, electrical appliances, etc

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